Welcome to the Los Banos Fitness and Racquet Club!

Owned and operated by popular dairyman Jim Areias, Jr., we are an established gym in Los Banos, and we been here since 1979!  We offer tanning, personal training, weekly classes, child care, and a selection of sport courts and fitness equipment.

We also have a heated outdoor swimming pool where, during the summer, we host water aerobics and swimming lessons.  The patio and pool area can also be rented to accommodate your very special get-togethers.



Los Banos Fitness and Racquet Club now offers four new Pickleball courts!  Pickleball’s growing popularity can’t be denied.  It is one of–if not the–fastest growing sports in the country.  If you would like more information give us a call at (209)826-6011 or, better yet, come in and check them out!

What is Pickleball?

A lively racket game suitable for all ages and abilities, Pickleball was created with one thing in mind: fun.  It was designed to be easy to learn an play whether you’re five, eighty-five, or somewhere in between.

Court and Gear

Pickleball is traditionally played on a badminton-sized court with special Pickleball paddles made of wood or high-tech aerospace materials.  The ball is similar to a wiffle ball, but slightly smaller.  The lower net an wiffle ball allow the game to be accessible to people of all ages and abilities while still allowing more competitive players to test their mettle.

Rules of the Game

In addition to the modified net and gear, there are several key rules in Pickleball that help to make the game more accessible.  In tennis and many other net sports, games are often won and lost by the power of the serve.  In Pickleball, the ball must bounce once on each side before volleys are allowed.  This opens the game to more players and extends play for added fun.



Achieve long-lasting natural results with this first-class service.  This sunbed is for people who have built foundational results prior to their initial visit.

One Tan: $5.00

Five Tans: $15.00

Ten Tans: $30.00

1 Month: $20.00

CA Law: You must be 18 years or older to use the tanning bed.

Maximum tanning time allowed: 20 minutes.




See our trainer bios below:

Paul Sevier

Paul Sevier is an international conditioning soccer coach and personal fitness trainer who has trained countless people around the world.  Paul is available for one-on-one personal training customized to fit your needs.  He joins us with over 25 years of fitness and wellness experience.

Shawna Roland

Shawna grew up in Gilroy, California.  She spent her high school career participating in a variety of sports and found that she loved everything about movement and exercise.  In 2005, she began teaching yoga at the Los Banos Fitness and Racquet Club.  For the past ten years Shawna has taught many different formats including Zumba, pilates, yoga, Insanity, and water aerobics.  In 2009, Shawna became a Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise.  She has completed triathlons, a half marathon, numerous 10Ks, 5Ks, and a Tough Mudder, among other obstacle course races.  When she is not at the Racquet Club, she can be found playing taxi to her five kids, on a field somewhere cheering them on, white-water rafting and camping with her family, or drinking wine from a mason jar.

Maria Augustine

Maria has been a fitness instructor since 2011, and she is in this business because she loves to be active and help others do the same.  Most of her classes are fun and easy to follow, offering participants a chance to experience a full-body workout from start to finish.